I finally tried spray on nail polish!

Hello lovelies! So I have been seeing spray on nail polish all over the internet for a while & the other week whilst christmas shopping I found some! I wasn’t looking or anything it just magically appeared before me, so I considered destiny and bought it! I was super excited to test it out, and see what all of the fuss is about. So here are my thoughts on it!

I’m going start by saying my nails aren’t super healthy at the moment so they don’t look all that fab. Let’s get to it.

So it’s easy to use, you apply a clear base coat, PUT NEWSPAPER DOWN, then spray the polish on, wait a moment spray again, to touch up, wait another moment and then put on a clear top coat. Then wash off the excess with soapy warm water. Simple right ! Well it is really easy and only a bit messy, although it took me quite a while to wash all of the excess polish. But the results were great in my opinion, it was quite fast to do, and lasted perfectly for 5 days.So I am pretty satisfied!


The only thing that I did notice is that to do both hands I used half of the can, so financially it is bit pricey if you only get 2 uses out of each spray can. So there you have it. I bought mine at Marionnaud and it cost about 7€, and I’m glad that i tried it!

Thea Xxx



One thought on “I finally tried spray on nail polish!

  1. Are you sure that you have used half of the bottle. It probably just feels half empty. Spry on nail polish probably isn’t high quality product so that is a big price. One tip: apply a clear top coat and enjoy your manicure a little longer 🙂


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