My little box : Christmas!

Hey there my lovelies! Guess what?! Santa brought me my December box! Neatly tucked under the christmas tree, I’m so excited, I just think it’s such a great idea because your present lasts 3,6 or 12 months! What is not to love ? Anyway, this months box is beautiful and very christmassy! I took lots of pictures because it’s the holidays and I have time and I love taking lots of pics!

The box’s design is so pretty and warm and I’m in love with it! It’s content is lovely as well, I got a beautiful simple bangle made in collaboration with LŌU.YETU, and the most amazing smelling candle ever! I love candles but sometimes I think the smell is overwhelming but this one has just the right amount of scent not to intense but still “smellable”!

The beauty products this month look great too! There is a small eyeshadow palette by my little box, and a hair care Serum by Frank Provost. Aswell as that there is a Weleda eau perfume, it is scented with pomegranate, to be honest it is a bit sweet for my taste, more of a summer scent.

The magazine and the little quote board from this months box are super cute, and made it feel more christmassy even though the snow isn’t quite as present as it is in the magazine…

So there you have it, lots of pretty pictures for you, I hope you enjoyed reading and looking through this post!

Thea Xxx


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