I have a passion for stationaries!

Hello my lovelies! I don’t know about you, but since forever I have absolutely adored stationaries! It’s a small obsession, and i’m sure i’m not alone, because I mean really what is there not to love! I’m pretty sure that if I have quick look on pinterest there is a word for it.. And I was right! The term is “Papyrophilia”. If you to love stationaries I highly recommend typing this word in the pinterest search bar, because wow!

I think that office supplies: little not books,diaries, nice colourful  pens, masking tape, colourful paper just motivate me to write neatly, and to underline things correctly just because the end result is so beautiful! And something beautiful is more interesting , therefore it makes you want to read and learn the things you have written!

There are so many pretty, fun and original stationaries these days,it encourages me to buy more.. I could literally walk around a stationary shop for hours just admiring the pretty notebooks, erasers, and amazing pencil cases! It’s like a miniature love story, and I find it hard to leave the shop, until I realise that I will be able to use what I bought when I get home and then the excitement starts all over again!


I rounded up a few of my favourite items to share with you today, it was so satisfying to photograph my lovely goodies, and just give them the attention they deserve! I love fountain pens, they make writing easier and also prettier I think, my favourite is this Yellow mental pen, I love it and would be lost without it! And i keep it safely in my rose gold pencil case, that has been my trusty companion for almost 3 years!



I love beautiful notebooks, I always carry one around in by bag, I mean you really never know if you will need one, have a look at these babies!


Now lets talk about this amaziiiiing holographic masking tape that I am just sticking everywhere, because personalising is the future people!


Thank you for reading! If you also love these kind of things tell me because I mean we stationary lovers need to stick together! Have a great day!

Thea Xxx


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