Goodnight : My Little Box.

Hello my lovelies, I am here today to tell you about my last My Little box (maybe for this year)! That’s right it has been almost a year since last christmas funnily enough! That means that this box is my last from this subscription, and I am feeling a bit down about it to be honest but, I think i have been good this year so Santa might be generous! 😉

The November box is gorgeous, and did not disappoint! As for the clues on Instagram, they were pretty direct and I knew that the box’s theme was going to be something to do with the nighttime. What’s lovely is that the box’s content is always in keeping with the box’s theme and I love that! I am really considering getting another subscription because I just adore the concept of getting a little something every month. Anyway lets get down to business: Here is the “Goodnight” box by My little box!


The box was very full this month, I got 2 full size beauty,  1 very reasonable sized sample, 2 cute little lifestyle product, as well as a teabag in the magazine and a skin care accessory. Here they are!


Here are the lifestyle products, they are gorgeous and really useful to me! Especially the little bed side table jewellery holder! I love the design of the sleeping mask as well! In the magazine there was also a tea bag that has camomile and honey in, and just relaxes you and is great for bedtime!



These are the beauty products I have only tried on of them for the moment which is the face wash that is a gel formula and is really refreshing but doesn’t dry out the skin, it’s from My Little Beauty.  I received a cream as well from Embryolisse, it can bemused as a moisturiser, base for makeup, makeup remover and even a hydrating mask. Talk about multi-tasking hey! They where all in this adorable little pouch to add to the beautiful design.



The Glov is a makeup remover towel that is used with water. I am so excited to try this one out as I have always wanted to test this type of product. Along with all of that I got a a firming and exfoliating body cream that I am yet to test but quite keen on the idea!


So there it is! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know what you think, and if you aren’t a follower, check out my blog and maybe give me a follow and a smile!

Thea Xxx


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