My trip to India!

Hello my lovelies! I hope that you are well. Today is a post about my amazing trip to India! Since I got back I have been extremely busy and a bit under the weather, that’s why I didn’t blog about it straight away… I will be doing several posts about it, because I simply can not tell you all about it one post, there is just so much to say!

We were in India for 11 action packed days! We went to the south west region of India, called Kerala. The indians call it “Gods own country” because of it’s beauty. We went to that region because it’s one of the least chocking parts of India, a country that is known to be a bit of a chock to some, because of the poverty and very evident inequalities. As we were traveling there for the first time as a family, we figured that was a good place to start.



We travelled around whilst we were there. Staying in Trivandrum for 6 days. Then we drove up to Fort Kochi, where we stayed for 3 days, and from there we went to Munnar, where tea is grown, for 2 days! It was all so beautiful and different. One of the things I loved was that there was so much green! The food was so different, and you could have easily eaten something different every meal of everyday there was  just so much of it! Breakfast just about had you full until dinner, and the flavours are just amazing! Very spicy though, but after a week I was getting used to that, and getting back things felt a bit tasteless!


As well as all of that the people there were fabulous! I was a bit worried before I got there because of the sexism and the fact that it isn’t considered the safest place for women, but honestly I never felt like I was in danger. The people there were curious, and just came up to you and talked to you, asking “where you from?” and taking pictures, of you and also with you, I felt almost like a star, my sister especially who is blond got lots attention from curious children! But everybody we met was nice. And we felt very welcome!


That’s all from me today. I will be doing a few more posts about precise things, so I suppose you can consider this an introduction to my future posts! If there is anything you are particularly interested in, please let me know and I will do my best to make a post about it! Thank you so much for reading. Have a fabulous day!

Thea Xxx





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