My little box – Brooklyn

Hello lovelies! My box has finally arrived! And I’m awfully excited, before opening my box I decided to make myself a nice cup of coffee, and got some cookies out, I must admit that I thought they would look fab with the box, before even seeing it.. The teasers on Instagram this month were really well done, and my cup of coffee coincided with the boxes theme, that was Brooklyn. Let’s have a look inside !

The magazine was full of gorgeous photos, & lots of street style inspiration!

There were three really cute lifestyle items in this box:

  • A coffee art stencil.
  • Two packs of cute badge/pins
  • And a beautiful little coffee mug.

Now for the beauty products! I was really pleased with them because I fell like I will get good use out of all of them!

So I got a beautiful golden kohl liner, from Terry.

This nail care gel, that you out on and it makes your nails stronger, which is particularly good for me as my nails are really weak because I tend to bite them..

After that this coconut hair oil, that is for frizzy hair! Thank you, thank you thank you!

(Sorry for the last few pictures that aren’t that great, I’m still learning with my camera!) 

Anywaaaays! I really loved this months box, and I am just really enjoying this subscription box system! It’s a great gift idea. Have a great day!

Thea xxx


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