My new camera!

Hello lovelies! I hope that you are all ok, can you believe it is october already ?! I can not, but hey i’m not complaining, because I’m definitely ready for a break very soon!

Anyways, todays post is about my new camera! Which i will be using from now on, along with my trusty phone to bring you photo’s on my blog, and of course my Instagram! I will also be adding a “Photography” part to my blog, so you can watch me learn, fail, and see some pretty cool photos hopefully.

So welcome the Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II to Miscitup! It’s a small mirrorless, D-SLR type camera, it has a bit of a retro style to it and came with a 14-42 mm kit lens.


I received it about a week ago and have been loving it! I have messed about with it and understand how to set up the basic stuff. I’m going to give you small list of reason i chose this camera.

  • The size of the camera, was really one of the most important things for me! I wanted something that packed the punch, but that wasn’t a nuisance to carry around! This one is perfect, weighing just 390 g.
  • I wanted a fun camera to use, so that i could learn and want to learn with it if that makes sense, this one is fab, and the retro look was definitely attractive to me.
  • It also has a great image stabiliser, feature that is great for taking pictures and videos on the go, especially great for travel shots! It’s also a fast lil camera which is important to me.
  • The image quality is fab! It’s about 16 megapixels with an apparently reasonable size sensor, the quality is great anyways, from my unprofessional point of view 17 million pixels seems alright for me!
  • The inclining screen is also great for taking picture without having to be looking through the viewfinder, it’s just really a practical feature.

Here are a few pictures so you can see the quality, if it’s an interest to you:

I hope that you found this useful, i searched a lot before purchasing this camera, and I found this blog here : really helpful,if you are looking to buy one i recommend reading his articles! That’s all from me today, have a good week!

Thea Xxx


2 thoughts on “My new camera!

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