Making Sushi!

Hello lovelies, I do that you are having a good week so far! Today I will be telling you about my experience of making sushi for the very first time! I will be adding a few tips into this post, but no recipe because i kind of followed lots of different ones and i feel like it won’t be very helpful.

First of all, I warn you this is tricky, and seriously you realise why sushi is a little pricey, and to be honest it’s way worth buying it ready made. It took me 1 hour and a half to make about 7 pieces of sushi.. it probably took 5-10 minutes to eat, and was yummy but, I doubt i will be doing it again!

Hear are the little beauties. The type I made is called Maki, it has salmon and avocado in the middle with rice of course and seaweed on the outside.


For those who have never eaten sushi, it is a really strange thing, that you are either going to love or hate, but i would definitely give it a go!

My first tip is to spread your rice out on a piece of foil, and roll it into a kind of sheet of rice, this will make it so much easier! Then cut strips of rice the same size as the seaweed strips.

My next tip is to prep all your ingredients in advance because, it is going to make your life so much easier!

I must have spent about 20 minutes tidying up after myself and it could have been avoided.


After that you just have to lay out the ingredients in the the right order: Seaweed, rice, salmon, wasabi, avocado.

Now the rolling, this is the trickiest part, I bought a weird machine to make it easier but, don’t even waste your money it doesn’t work..

I would recommend buying either a rolling mat, I fashioned one out of tin foil and it worked just as well. 

After that I rolled the sushi, from one end and just rolled it, and then I wet the end of the sea weed to stick it down. If that makes sens I’m really happy if not, well sorry.. 

So there you have it, sushi that took almost two hours to make, tasted scrummy, that I will not be remaking anytime soon. 

Thanks for reading! Tell me about your experiences!

Thea Xxx


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