A week in Barcelona !

Hello amazing people ! The school holidays are coming to an end for me and it seems to have gone by in seconds.. I’ve had a fantastic summer lots of amazing memories were made! Today’s post is about my trip to Barcelona I just got back from yesterday. I was really lucky to be aloud to travel alone with my boyfriend and my age and it really was an amazing trip!

Barcelona is a city full of life, culture and beautiful people. We stayed in a flat that we found on Airbnb that was about 15 minutes on foot away from the center and from the beach, just two blocks down from the very famous sagrada familia!

We visited lots of stuff, starting from the gothic quarters, were we saw the huge cathedral and wandered around the small back streets and got lost, and finishing off with a visit to Starbucks before walking back to our appartement.

We took a morning stroll one day to the Parc de la Ciutadella, that was really pretty with a huge fountain and the mammoth statue, the park is next to the zoo, we didn’t visit the zoo because the queue was really long..

The next day we visited the beach, it was very hot and crowded so we just wandered about and paddled about a bit.

  Tips: Barcelona is quite a safe city  to visit but you must take very good care of your belongings, so don’t leave anything precious out on the beach alone whilst you go swimming, it most probably won’t be there when you come back..

We then headed back and went out for Chinese food at a place called Jin Du, it was amazing food and really reasonable prices!

After that (to be honest I really can’t remember the order and the days we did things, the holiday feeling was real!) We rented bikes for 2 days, and rode them down to the seaside one evening and ate nachos and had drinks and ice lollies and st on the beach until we were tired and rode our bikes back!  

(In Barcelona bikes are used a lot by locals and tourists to get around they have bike lanes on most roads).

That evening was super pretty the light was beautiful and riding through the city and along the cycle paths was so much fun, with the warm wind flowing through our hair! 

The next day, we were a little tired, there was building work happening just outside of our window that woke us up and got us out of the house everyday by 9:30 to escape the drilling sound. We were also very dehydrated.. But we didn’t realize that until we had rode our bikes up past the sagrada familia towards the park Güell. 

When we arrived we sat on a bench, drank about 6 bottles of water and then toured around the park for the rest of the day! It is such a beautiful place and a must visit place if you are in Barcelona, the view from the top is amazing and the park is just so peaceful and lively with people playing music and trails in the shade to be discovered!

We visited the center of Barcelona the day after, doing a little bit of shopping and buying juices at the famous Boqueria covered market! I think that day we are kebab and things like that for lunch it was delicious and litteraly so cheap, we sat out on a bench and people watched for a little while! 

We also took the bus toward the Forúm to go to Primark! We took the bus from the round about right next to the Arc de Triomphe.

Tips: We got Barcelona cards the last two days that are great it’s basically a card that lets you use all transports for however many days. For 2 days it’s 14€ and it’s really makes a difference, Barcelona is huge and sometimes your feet need a rest!

One evening we ordered pizza and walked down to the beach and ate it there, I love doing simple things, and just being free to do that makes me so happy! 

The before last day we walked up to the Monjuic Castle, the view from up there is simply amazing you can see most of Barcelona and look out on to the sea, you can also see the port, it is really impressive it’s so huge and you can see the boats all waiting to come in. 

We then walked and took the bus back to the center and ate and this place called “Wok and Walk” they make stir fried noodles and rice before your eyes that you can eat on the spot or takeaway the portions are huge! We then went to get a drink at this really cool shop were you choose your drink ( like iced tea or milkshake) and then you choose this jelly type little balls that are filed with sweet juice that pop in your mouth! It is really strange but awesome! 

That night we ate at a local restaurant and bar, about 10 minutes away from our accommodation, the food was fab! We ordered several tapas and a salad and just shared everything! The food was gorgeous and tasted so great! My favorite was these tuna steaks.

For our last morning we woke up early, and took the bus down to the beach, put a lock on a bridge and threw the keys in the sea,and then went for a swim in the clear and warm sea! The beaches are really clean in Barcelona which is really nice because there are so many people there and it is still clean.

Tips: On the beach people will come up to you and sell cold water and beers! It is absolutely fine to buy these. 

Here are some photos I took whilst we were either lost or going from one place to another, they are random but there are just so many beautiful random places everywhere that I couldn’t helps photographing. 

The trip was amazing and very memorable! We saw so much and had a great time. Thank you Barcelona!


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