My little friends box

Hello my amazing followers! I do hope you are having a good day I am currently in the airport waiting for my plane so i thought I would blog whilst I wait! Todays post is about My Little Box! This months themes is friends and the company paired up with there sister : My Little App for this  special edition box. I had friends over when my box arrived which was a fun coincidence, so she modelled the stuff inside of the box aha! The boxes design is super cute as usual and very colourful, screaming fun and summer!


Lets see what’s inside!

First thing a fish eye camera lens to attach to your phone! This is absolutely genius and so much fun! It also came in a super cute box and bag! With the quote board that reads : “Nos jupes sont courtes, pas nos idées.

Next a cute little nail kit, perfect for bringing on holidays in this super cute case! This months beauty product are also great, there was :

IMG_1579 (1)

  • My Little Beauty lipstick with SPF 15.
  • Palmers cacao dry oil to treat all sorts of skin problems.
  • Too Faced Gliter glue, an eyeshadow primer.
  • Jeanne en provence rose shower gel.

All super cute products that are great because i am sure to use them! and the pouch this month is extra cute I think the pink gives it a more fun feeling and it matched the box perfectly!

IMG_1593 (1)

In this months box there was not a magazine but a little book full of tips and tricks all to do with technology, made in association with My Little App. I was convinced that it was no longer an updated app but it seems to be now and its great giving you deals and offers for activities and food and things like that!

In honour of my new fish-eye camera lens here are a couple of photos!

So there you have it My little friends box! I liked this box but I must admit I still much preferred the coconut one, I still can’t get over it! Thats all from me today let me know your thoughts by commenting if you please!

Thea Xxx



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