A day out with my best friend.

Hello my lovely followers, I hope that you are ok. I haven’t been blogging for about two weeks and I feel soon bad, please forgive me, I actually got myself a job so I have had no time what so ever!

Anyway I am back and todays post is about my weekend. One of my best friends, about two years ago she moved to the other side of France, so I see her very very little.. This weekend was the little moment I got to see her. She came to my house and this is what we did. It was really great! It’s just amazing how even though w are separated just about all year,and don’t talk everyday that as soon as we see each other and chat, it’s like nothing has changed at all! So here is to my best friend Justine that I love dearly.  I hope you enjoy this “picture diary” post..



This is a shot from after our paddle boarding adventure, we tied onto a bouy and got stuck, meaning I had to swim in to fetch a pair of scissors to set ourselves free.. Ahaha

In to town we went with one mission buying a padlock to put on the “Pont des amours” we found one in the 2 euro shop along with fire sparkler thingies, and some sharpies to decorate it! Then we stopped by pedro’s juice shop for a milkshake and headed to the bridge.

And after that we blew some bubbles in the park before getting the bus home.


After that we got back, had a break and a kit kat, and went out for a bit of a boat ride and jumped about and danced around a bit! And finished off with a bomb fire lots of marshmallows and laughter!


So there you have it! An amazing weekend full of fun and love! I hope you enjoyed this post, comment if you please!

Thea Xxx


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