1 week packing check list!

Hello lovelies! This post is one I am really excited to share with you! It is a packing list! I am the queen of over packing so I thought that if I made a list I could at least challenge myself to only over pack a tad.. So her it is as an infographe! I love making these and I think they are just so practical because everything is all in one place. S0 here it is a one week packing list! I may have forgotten things or added a few unnecessary ones but we all have different needs so this list is adaptable of course!

If you have read my recent post I might have blurted out that I am going on holidays, and maybe even my destination.. I will of course be blogging about it so stay tuned!




There you have it a nice easy to follow packing list! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it comes in handy at some point, you can share it on social medias if you please just make sure to put a little link to my blog 😉 Thanks for reading!

Thea Xxx






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