My little coconut box!

Hello beautiful people! I’m back today for the monthly My Little Box post! I have been away at a different house for a while so I was delighted to not only get home and sleep in my own bed but also to find my box in the postbox!

I had been avoiding any spoils on Instagram or snapchat so I had very little idea of what was going to be this months theme! I was over the moon to find out this months theme was coconuts and as soon as I opened it I got this amazing tropical vibe going round. The prints and designs of this box are simply gorgeous and you can really feel a tropical kind of vibe!


When i opened the box I was pleasantly suprised with two very pretty lifestyle products! A cute passport case! Which is perfect as I am planning a little trip to Barcelona, that I will obviously be blogging about!

And a beautiful bracelet made in collaboration with Stella & Dot.

The magazine was full of interesting and useful fact about coconuts and why it is so popular and how it is used in many areas :cooking & beauty for example! The little quote board was also super cute and tropical!

Now for the amazing beauty products I got in the box! I am so happy with what I got, and think this months products were perfect for me and they respect the theme perfectly! So here they are ! IMG_2098

So here they are!

An amazing smelling shower gel from Lovea, that smells oh so amazing and has no sulphates in so it doesn’t dry you out, which is great because in summer my skin gets dry ver easily so this is one less thing to worry about!

After that a face cream from Kadalys that smells like an amazing  mango and banana smoothie! It also feels great, I’m not usually a fan of sented stuff but this doesn’t seem to irritate me so that’s fab!

A Merci Handy antibacterial gel that smells like…. *drum roll* COCONUT!

And last but not least the My Little Beauty aftersun spray! It also smells great and soothes  your skin as you don’t have to rub it on so it makes it easier to survive a sunburn!

So there it is, I must say that this is definitely my favourite box so far, it has over taken My little Bubble box ! in my favourites list! That’s all from me! Have a great day.

Thea Xxx


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