Musilac 2016.

Hello wonderful people! How are you all ? Todays post is about Musilac a French Music Festival in Aix-les-bains, a french town at the edge of a huge lake, that is where it gets it’s name from “Musilac” = music + lake.  A music festival right beside a huge lake that takes place over the course of 3 afternoons and nights , I think you can imagine how fun that sounds, and it definitely was!

We stayed in a nearby campsite, and heard a lot of the music from the other nights. One night we even went to listen on our boat, that was great fun, and a lot less citing than jumping around in the crowd! And we even got in a bit of wake boarding on the way!

I went with two good friends of mine and my lovely father and a few of his friends. It is a 2 hour drive away from our home town so we set off about lunch time.

We only bought tickets for saturday because it was for us, the best day, with it’s of amazing and inspirational artists to listen to! This is who we saw.

  • Amy McDonald, a Scottish singer who sings “This is the life”.


  •  Jain, a french singer that makes her own music and sings in english, she sings “Makeba”, “come. She crowd surfed in a big hamster ball at the end! Pretty epic right.


  • Nekfeu, a French rapper and his crew that got the crowd going like crazy. And did his final song whilst crowd surfing in an actual boat. WOW!

This is when my phone batterie died so unfortunately no more photos, just memories..

  • Elton john, who headlined, and started his part with “the bitch is back”.
  • Lily wood and the pricks, who sung “Prayer in C”
  • The Avener, who played until the not so early morning!

I really enjoyed the festival vibe, how it was peaceful, musical, fun and a place with so many people from so many different places interacting, laughing, and having a great time! And not to forget the food and drink stalls that just obviously made everything better! Aswell as that we were lucky enough o be super close to the stage! It was perfect!

And I got to wear my hair in double buns outside for the first time, because I mean it’s a festival!


We danced, sang and ate the night away, and had an epic time! And I do hope to be attending another festival soon, if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

Thea Xxx



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