Rise and shine ! Morning routine.

Hello all! How are you ? I am almost a month into my summer holidays, and feel like i’ve been very constructive. Or at least I haven’t wasted my month! Anyways, todays post is about my morning skin care routine, I do hope that you enjoy reading through it.

First of course I wake up. I try to be up before 9 every morning during the holidays, it’s not always easy because the sun goes down so much later and its just so hard to go to bed at a reasonable time…

Then I get started. To wash my face I use an Eau micellaire by Mixa, that I store in this cute bottle for extra prettiness on my dressing table.



After that I usually use one of these two face masks to give my skin a bit of a boost. These are from My Little Beauty, and Yves Rocher, two brands I love.


Next thing, lips! I have to take super good care of my lips because i’m constantly wearing lipstick, so is they are not smooth when I wake up I exfoliate with my homemade exfoliator, here is how to make it:  DIY lip scrub! then a lip balm I put on and let soak in completely before applying any lipstick.


Next if any pimples I have are zapped with this cream from T-Zone that brings down the swelling and the redness. After that I moisturise with my Simple moisture cream that protects from the sun with it’s SPF 30. And to finish an Eye Roll-on also from Simple to give my eyes a more awake less crinkled up look.


After that my skin is ready to either ready to conquer the world alone or perfectly prepped for makeup. So there you have it, my morning skin care routine, you can find my evening routine here : Bedtime routine.

I also apply suncream to my body i the summer, this one from Hawaiian Tropic feels and smells great.


My hair usually is thrown up in a messy bun if it decides not to cooperate, if needed I use Baptiste dry shampoo, it smells fresh and gives the desired volume and cleanliness look for an extra day of dry but fresh looking hair.


Thanks for reading! And I shall be back with more next Wednesday.

Thea Xxx



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