My cacti obsession!

Good evening amazing people! I do hope you are all ok. Todays post is about something I love and I just cannot resist talking about cacti’s. P.S I don’t really know if they are cactus’s or cacti or cacti’s but hey I love the little green bundles of joy! I adore them, can’t resist them and feel like squeezing them, but that I know is a bad idea! Aha. I love putting them in pots in terrariums, it makes me feel like a little landscaper! In one of my older posts there is a “DIY cactus garden” if you are interested.


I love them because they are cute, but have a bit of a tough edge to them. And i must add they are low maintenance and that it perfect for me, as I have trouble caring for my goldfish…

So here a my cacti, my collection is growing and they make me super happy! And I believe that anything that makes you happy should be cherished and welcomed into your life and home to make you smile and enjoy life to the fullest. Anyway here are some photos!


IMG_9538 (1)



So there you have it a more of a picture post, but uuuugh I’m so happy! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any tips or comments please let me know!

Thea Xxx




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