Calvi on the beach box

Hello beautiful people! I do hope that you are having a good day,if you’re not please smile, have a cup of tea and close your eyes breathe deeply for 5 minutes, hopefully you will feel better after that!  Todays post is about this months My Little Box, “Calvi on the beach” is it’s name, after a beach found in Corsica. I had been away for a week and got back to find my lovely little parcel in the post box. Over the teasing on instagram i was expecting a box with a beach-y theme. I really love how thee is a guessing game before you receive the box, it really makes you look forward to receiving it.

Anyway that’s enough babbling, here is the box!


The picture wasn’t an illustration but it’s still pretty!

First thing when you open the box is a cute little card with a check list of things you need for the beach. Super cute! Followed by the magazine which I really enjoyed reading this time, more so than ever before anyway.


Now in this box instead of getting the little cotton drawstring bag with the products in we have a swimsuit bag, I love these because they are so practical you don’t have to worry about getting the contents of your bag soaked after a swim.


Now in the bag! I got three beauty products.

Nail polish from lollipops, modelled on my not cute nails.


Here we have a Kusmi Teabag to make iced tea! This was delicious and easy to make.

A My Little Beauty salt spray that I have yet to try out.

A Garancia soin de tent cream that smells and feels amazing!

And not to forget the nail polish.

Last but absolutely not least, in this box was a t-shirt, I cannot live without white shirts and that is what i was offered so I am really very satisfied! Here it is!

P.S- Please ignore my awkward face, posture and anything else awkward, aha.

So there you have it, the June box! I really loved it, and am really pleased with My Litlle Box so far! Thank you so much for dedicating some of your precious time to reading my blog, I’m ever so grateful. That’s all from me today.

Thea Xxx


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