Things I have learned from the internet.

Hello to you all, I do hope that you have had good week. I think I can say my week has been quite normal. It is my last week at school for this year, so I’m getting rather excited about summer! But still one more day to go, so lets keep our minds set to school..

Todays post is one I have been thinking about doing for a little while now, and I just am not sure how to go about it, so I’m just going to go for it, tell me what you think. Here goes nothing.

The internet is this new-ish place we have access to very easily now days, that is becoming essential, loved but also criticised. Today I’m going to show you a few things I have learned from the internet as a young lady on the web.

I. It’s Ok to love yourself.

Now this sounds crazy because one thing the internet is criticised for. But I am a positive person, so the haters found all over the internet are not who I’m listening to. I’ve learned that there is no perfect body, and that it’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to hide parts of you. Because even though people will criticise you, there will be people to encourage you, those people have taught me not to be a push over just because I am a girl, and to wear whatever the hell I want, and to respect others choices, and allow each other to love ourselves, and bring each other up. Because self love is where you will find happiness.

Now This is definitely not only from the internet, but I think the internet helped me think it was ok to put myself first sometimes, and that is really really important.

II. You are never alone.

One beautiful thing about the internet is, it connects people. I think we have all already been in a situation when we have felt alone, whether it’s a medical thing, a personal issue or even something you just need help with. The internet makes you realise that you’re not alone, other people feel like you and you mustn’t be scared about being alone because somewhere behind a screen thousands of kilometres away someone is in a similar situation as you.

Knowing that you aren’t alone is usually just a huge relief, and for that I am grateful of the internet.

III. Some things are not healthy or suited to just anyone.

I talk for my example the famous “internet trends”. They are everywhere, they come they go, but it is usually just a passing trend. Fasting is one of them, juice detox’s etc. Well I have learned that these are not for everyone and after some research are not particularly healthy. The internet has taught me not to follow a trend just because it’s a trend because these things can be dangerous. That said some of these trends are great, others not so much, just be cautious.

IV. You must be able to live a little without the internet.

This is one thing I have learned, the internet is borderline addictive. Not good.. Just remember that things are happening all around you and not only on the other side of the world via your computer screen, so live a little off of the internet.

V. You will meet some beautiful and supportive people.

Lets start off with you guys, my followers that have encouraged me so much to be more creative and to keep up my blog. Thank you! The beautiful people who will defend you from bullies on the web, help you through harder times by talking to you even if you have never met hem, and make you laugh through silly things when you need to.

VI. It isn’t the safest place…

We have to remember that we do not know what or who is behind the screen, and to be very cautious, I have learned that you cannot trust everybody and in case of even the slightest issues you are better off talking to a trusted person about it. Block the negative people and be safe.

VII. You can learn so much.

Whether it’s a new language, a skill or even just general knowledge and what is happening around the world the internet is a good place to learn, but DO NOT FORGET ABOUT BOOKS! BOOKS ARE LIFE.


Thank you so much for reading my post, I hope that you find it useful or enjoyed reading it, please comment what you think of this mysterious place called the internet. I will be back next week.

Love Thea Xxx


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