DIY photo frame.

Hello my lovelies, I do hope that you are happy and living your best lifes! I am going to be creative today, because thats what I do when i’m feeling a little down,  it occupies me and I always feel a little better after creating something. So today I will be showing you how to make a cute photo frame, it’s super easy to make and is adorable. I made one for my bestie, you can check her out here :

Now lets get started! This is what you will need:


  • Start by painting your pegs if you plan to, so that they have time to dry.
  • Next cut your string to fit your frame, use the tape to stick the thing to the frame, not to tight though!
  • Take your paper and write down a few quotes, or memories.
  • Now place your pictures, and quotes out the way you want them, when you are satisfied you can use a it of tape to insure they stay put, and then place the peg over the tape.
  • Now put the frame back together, don’t forget to remove the plastic film on the glass part (I did aha, and had to take it all apart..)



And there you have it! A cute photo frame perfect to make your room or house more homely, or to gift to someone you love.

Thanks for reading, see you net week! Thea Xx



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