My little box, May.

Hello people! How are you ? I can hardly believe that it is may already, i’m just like Woooow, time is flying, anyway today is a post about the My little box from may. This story starts off this morning.. I woke up and rushed myself to get ready, and then had an okay morning, well that is if i’m looking on the bright side, then this afternoon just sucked.. You know we all have those days, well it was one of them. When I finally got home, in my post box was this months box and it really brightened up my day! So thank you very much My little Paris.

Anyway story over, here is the box. This month’s theme is Italy, and I guessed that before even getting the box thanks to the teasing on Instagram. I did however avoid seeing the design to have bit of a surprise. As usual the box is gorgeously illustrated by  Kanako Kuno. So here it is.


First impressions: Hurray it’s nearly summer! So what did I get ? Well plenty of stuff. First of all the little quote panels are back, and I love it so so much!


Now let’s get in ! Here are the photos.

Here we have the months accessories, or lifestyle products! I feel like we were very spoiled! We got a lovely ring, along with a bandana / head tie, both coming in beautiful boxes. Although the head band is beautiful, I have no idea how to fashion it, any tips are welcome!


Next the products from the pouch, I love the pouches, you can never have to many! So this month a  Baija dry-oil that is amazing, I put mine in the bath and drift off to paradise every time. A perfume from Courreges, it smells just like a beautiful summer, I adore it.

Last but not least, A My Little Beauty self tanner. It works a treat, giving your skin just that extra glow until you can get yourself out in the sun to get yourself a real tan!

The magazine full of tips and italian recipes that I must try out! Thats all from me, see you next week for a cute Diy!

Love from Thea Xxx


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