To my beautiful followers!

Hello people! How are you ? Today I’m here to give you a big virtual hug and scream Thank you down your virtual ears, because I have reached 100 followers! I am so very grateful, and I must admit I am very proud! Anyway thank you so much, this blog has become so important to me, and I love coming to write on here, it’s almost therapeutic to me, and when I have written a post I just feel so free.

So there you go, thank you so much! I really love you, and appreciate your follows, likes and comments. You have really inspired me to write and I’m growing to love it so much!

P.s I have been a bit unlucky with my computer, it refuses to charge an I am having to use my little sisters iPad, that is not really ideal.. So whilst my computer is hopefully being fixed, I promise to post once a week even if it isn’t on Wednesdays.. Anyway above and below are a few throwback pictures that you can find in my old blog posts!

Anyway thank you so much, you are beautiful!!

All my love Thea Xx


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