My little flower book.

Hello lovely people! I hope that you are all ok. Today is the second post of this week, about My little box of the month, I haven’t had time to make the post up until now and absolutely must publish it this month so you get a double post this wednesday. I shall now get down to it and stop babbling aha..

So this month, the box arrived n time, and I was not disappointed! It was the shape of a book, one of there super cute design ideas! Here is the outside of the box.


So this design is beautiful and a very “spring-y” design I love it! Next step the opening of the box ! 😁


So here we have the lovely magazine, full of tips and tricks of how to use the products in the box as well as lots of photos of wonderful clothes. And of course not to forget the rest of the goodies!


So I got this amazing shower oil from l’Occitan, which goes on almost like a massage oil and foams into a cleansing shower gel type thing when it is wet, It feels like heaven.

Then a lovely face mask that is there own brand that leaves your skin feeling super fresh and bright.

Followed by  a Weleda nail and cuticle pen, that is super nice and easy to use, it’s basically cuticle oil without the mess.

One thing I really love about My Little Box is the cute little pouches the products come in with a little card describing them and sometimes even giving little deals or promo codes.


Now even moooooore goodies! I feel like this box had a lot of stuff in, I guess it’s just a really good feeling aha. So I got this cute little “jardin d’apartement”, so it’s an awesome concept, a little garden for your house, some seeds and a kind of sheet of paper that you water, i’ll keep you updated about its success.

Along with a cute underwear pouch from Balzac Paris, and a promo code for there store.

And to finish, a Mixa deodorant, I will say I found it  little odd to find this in my box but it’s great, and my sensitive skin seems to like it so I’m Happy!


There you have it for this evening! Thanks for reading! Thea xx


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