A love letter to my Best Friend.

Hello, today is a very different post dedicated to my Bestie, Freddy! Go follow her, she has an awesome blog + it’s her birthday: ( https://poshgirlsite.wordpress.com )                                    This post is dedicated to her, so there you go. If this is the birthday girl reading this :



Happy Birthday you awesome sauce old women ! I looooove you.

My dearest Freddy, (starting off all formal and ish)

Today is your birthday, and this is a public love letter for you, that’s how important you are! You are amazing, and I love you, seriously that day we met when we where wee lasses at the park is one of the most important days of my life! And I’m so grateful that I know have someone to be awkward with, talk about anything with, cry with, laugh with, take baths with, complain to, get hit by, you know all those things we do. Also confuse others with.

Oh I forgot, you’re freaking 16 ! So eat lots of cake & sweets & drink champagne, not anything else! Love ya!

Anyway I was saying, I would be so extremely lost without you, I honestly don’t know what I would do, probably just sit around alone, and have a really sucky, boring life, so thanks babe. Now I’m gonna get all lovey and embarrass you. Mouhahahahahhah..


I just realised I already said the mushy stuff.. Remember in class de mer when we scared you about M, and when I was a huge cry baby (I’m still working on that issue of mine..), or when we went mud running, and just rolled around in the gross muddy rain, I’m legit smiling right now just thinking back, I’m not going to continue because we are so goals that people might get jealous.. oops. Anyway Happy Birthday Gorgeous, Have a great day, you totally deserve one! Love you so much!!

Lots of love your marvellous best friend, Thea. xxx


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