My chilling playlist.

Hello my beautiful followers! I do hope that you are all ok, I’m ok, although I have injured my back and am have a little trouble walking.. Looking at the positive side, more time to focus on organising my blog, and listening to music. 😍

Recently my daddy bought a family subscription to Apple Music. I absolutely love it even though I still have lots to master, and discover, if you are interested let me know and later on I will make a post reviewing Apple Music.




So here we go, a playlist that I adore, and listen to when I need to calm down, when i’m relaxing, or when I need something to listen to whilst working. I must admit it can still be completed because it has very little artists in it. Anyway here you go :

IMG_6706.jpg   IMG_6707.jpg

IMG_6708.jpg  IMG_6709.jpg

There you have it! Lianne La Havas is one of my favorite “new artists”. We also have Lorde, I hadn’t listened to her songs in ages and then apple music blessed me with her presence again. After that some Justin Bieber, his new album is amazing! Kimbra, I never really heard of her but she is just about as epic as you can get… I’ll let ou discover the rest for yourselves.

Tell me what you think of this post and if you would be interested in a review of Apple Music. Have a great day !

Love Thea xxx


All photos are screenshots, of the Apple Music app, if these are not aloud to be shared, contact me and I will remove the images.










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