Spring !

Hello ! How are you all ? Although i’m two days late : it’s spring ! And I am so happy, and excited and empowered by this beautiful life bringing season. So todays post is going to be about all my feelings, plans and goals this spring. So how about we get started ?


First of all, what a wonderful season, new colours, new weather, new life! And I must not forget CHOCOLAT, because easter. Here a few spring photos to start go this post.

Now I am slowly floating into a new healthier lifestyle, especially this spring, here is a small list of things I plan to do to make my life even happier :

  • Avoid makeup at least 2 days a week.
  • Eat breakfast !
  • Wear more dresses.
  • Exercice 2 to 3 times a week.
  • NEVER sleep with makeup on !!
  • Be the first to dance at parties
  • Stay hydrated, drink  water & green tea.
  • Get fresh air every single day!
  • Keep my living space tidy..
  • Smile at the haters.
  • Only say yes when I mean it !
  • And live life to the fullest.

I always think spring is a great time to change up your makeup routine for something a little lighter, and as well change perfume. My all time favorite fragrance for spring is Tommy Hilfiger : Flower. It smells fresh and not to sweet and is my go to!


I love spring because it’s the season of freshness, new outfits, and laughter, longer days..


And lets not forget, awesome lighting for selfies, and photos!


I hope that you liked this short but sweet post! Tell me what you think, and have a great day.

Love from Thea xx.


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