My little Bubble box !

Hello friends, today a post about my little bubble box! The march box. It came last Monday and I thought I might wait a while, so as not to spoil it. Anyway now is the time, so here we go ! The design is super cute, fun and very spring like, and I love it! It was also super full this time and I was definitely not disappointed!


So here is the box! I love receiving one every month, it makes me so happy and excited!


The way the boxes are packed is super sweet, and the teasers on the boxes Instagram makes you want to open the box and get everything out immediately.


So what’s in the box ? First the cute little pouch..Inside a Dove shampoo, a Givenchy mascara, and a my little beauty blush and lip colorer ( I must admit that the blush and “lippy” really isn’t my favorite when on the cheeks… And a beauty blender ! I was so excited that I had to try it straight away! And they really make a difference.


Then there was the beautiful magazine, and a hair brush, with the most amazing packaging that I cannot bare to throw out, so it will stay and probably be used for a DIY later on ;).


And a balloon that I plan to blow up on a “bad day” and a pack of mentos sweeties just right for school!

I really loved this box! It is probably my favorite so far! SO there you have it, tell me what you think, and have a great day, evening, night, morning from wherever you are ! 🙂

Thea xx


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