Home sweet home !

Hi people, I’m so extremely sorry i have been gone for a few weeks… But lets not panic for I am back and here to stay, posting weekly as usual. So today i’m going to tell you a little about my home. Home is such an important place for me and I love it.


Just 4 years ago, we moved from an apartment, down the road about 100 meters to our newly renovated (by my father) barn, then house, and now home. We started off with 3 new additions to the family.. Bunnies, but when the 3 “females” where pregnant we had to give them away..

IMG_2032 (2)

After a while along came a puppy, our first ever dog : Scooby-doo and my best buddy.. My poor little baby got hit by a car, and I was simply heartbroken.. After a while i finally got brave and i guess strong enough to find a new little dog. I never wanted to replace my Scooby, but having a furry friend around is such a joy, and I don’t regret it, and I don’t feel like little Roxy is a replacement. I think pets are really huge part of a home, the way they greet you when you get back from a long day, and make you smile.


Home to me is more of a feeling than a place.              


Now here is my beautiful home, and a bit of my story, I hope you enjoy this post.

I think it’s super important to have a personal touch and a bit of a personal place for yourself, I guess mine is my bedroom. I moved when i was 12, so you can imagine, some of the choices i made about decoration I sometimes regret, aha.. But you learn to love the little things.. And along the years i have personalised it to fit my new style and age I suppose.


These are my little added touches to my room, photos and memories are so important to me, so I love having reminders of close ones all around.

Here is my little cosy spot where I love to read, or watch movies and a sneaky little trick of mine is that this is just a mattress folded in two, that can be unfolded if ever I need a spare bed!

I also like a touch of life in my room, so for that I think cactus and succulents are perfect! And they are easy to keep ! Here is how to make your own cute cacti garden                  ( https://miscitup.com/2015/11/04/diy-mini-cactus-garden/ )

I am OBSESSED with fairy lights, and i mean seriously! I love them, and my room has lots of them in! I have the whole ceilings above my bed with fairy lights that look like stars, that I adore! IMG_2873


Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know! Have a great evening.                                                                Thea xx



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