Lipstick loving

Hey so today is a little post I could help but doing, all about lipstick! So here is the idea behind this post! I absolutely love lipstick, so much that I wear it even if I just workout πŸ˜‚.  

 Anyway I just bought two new lipsticks and I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos … 

I think lipstick is such a confidence booster. See when I’m wearing my lipstick I not only feel super fancy, confident, sexy and beautiful, I feel freaking FIERCE ! I believe that with lipstick on you can do absolutely anything.

“Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together .” Elizabeth Taylor 


What I really love is that it can be casual as well as formal. It comes in all different shapes and sizes (liquid, matte, shiny, gloss, sticks…) and makes a bad day better!  

  “If you’re sad add more lipstick and attack” Coco Chanel 

 I really recommend kiko, there lippies are reasonably priced and are super long lasting! If not using a lip crayon first and then lipstick and powder usually makes it stay all day !  

This is How i feel with my lipstick on ! And i Love it ! Aswell (secret beauty tip) just wearing lipstick makes you look made up even if your not really . 😏

Ps. If you don’t know what shade to wear go for the most daring! Rock it people! 

                                  Have a great day!               Thea xxx


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