6 amazing places to visit this year.


Hello ! So today is a post i’m really excited to do, I absolutely adore traveling so here is a gallery and a few words about 6 incredible places that you can add to your travel bucket list this year. Beware this post is going to give you serious Wanderlust. Here we go !


  1. Australia !

If you have ever visited Australia you will probably know that is is huge and the varieties of culture there is huge! I think that is why i loved it so much, as well as the sun and surfing and food and people and yeah… Pretty much everything.

These photo’s are from Sydney.

And these are from North Nowra in New south Wales.

2. Vietnam !

This would be more of a cultural trip than a sun bathing one, but it is not to be missed, the way the country has recovered from the war is impressive and the people there are adorable !


3. Wells next the sea (U.K)!

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places ever, and the english sea side vibes is absolutely un-beatable. The lighting and sun sets here are so beautiful, and not to miss are fish and chips on the beach.


4. Menton (France).

If you have been following my blog from the start, my first post was about my trip here. Go check it out ( https://miscitup.com/2015/10/21/the-french-riviera/ ). It is such a pretty town right on the border of Italy, a great place for either a romantic get away or a family holiday with lots to see and do.


5. Barcelona !

Great : Food, People, Culture, Beach, Nightlife, Shopping, Just you know everything.

6. Annecy.

A bit of self promotion here ! So this is only 1 hour away from where I live, but it is a very important stop if you are traveling around France. It is a medium sized town perfect for shopping and having a nice meal, and it right next to a huge lake, where you can get down and sporty, or just chill.


There you have it 6 places to add to your travel bucket list, I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me what you think, and where you want to go or plan to go!


Thea xx


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