My little box !

Hello ! I’m back 🙂 I hope that everybody is doing good. So here it is! January! Every month I receive a My little box (Thank you santa clause). So if you have no idea what i’m talking about it, here is the concept : Basically you buy a subscription for this box, and every month they send you a box, with beauty products and some cute lifestyle accessories and there small magazine. I love the idea! So i will be showing you what there is in my box every month and maybe reviewing a few of the products. I AM NOT SPONSORED BY THIS BRAND.

Now if you are subscribed and haven’t received it yet : Spoiler alert.

Lets go. The packaging of this box is supaaaaaah cute, and I love it.IMG_3432.jpg

So here we have it :

  • A cute lil’ Diary
  • A 6 day teatoxIMG_3433
  • A set of bracelets
  • An exfoliator
  • A lip balm
  • There own brand night cream



So there we have it ! I hope you liked this post please tell me what you think.

Thea Xxx


3 thoughts on “My little box !

  1. I’ve moaned about it on MLB Facebook page, but mine was rubbish. I got the lip balm and sample size of a shampoo and conditioner than was worth less than £5 combined. I felt ripped off seeing what others got. I waa “lucky” to get a discount code to buy shampoo but I’d be inclined to send my stuff received on to them for the insult.

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    1. Hi, I’m sorry I’m not sure if my reply was sent, so I’ll write another.. I have heard a few things about this but o suppose with subscription boxes it really is the luck of the draw… I’m glad you at least got some kind of compensation. I hope that your next one will be better. I think the products varie from country mine is from France and have enjoyed my box … As I say hopefully your next one will be better 🙂


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