Festive times

So it is officially the 10 day count down to christmas ๐ŸŽ„ ! Hurray ! The snow is melting, so it isn’t quite feeling like christmas.. Especially because we are lucky enough to have white winter every year.

But we will not let that get in our way.. Today my lovely mama, invited a few friends over for afternoon tea (or champagne). She used to be in the catering business so she can put on a lovely display of food in just about no time ! In the early afternoon we went for a family wander with our little dog roxy, and then the preparations began.

So here it is before the guests arrive !

Amazing sausage rolls, and chocolat cake is on the menu, I must admit that it isn’t easy ย not to start before anybody gets here!

I couldn’t resist taking a cute photo of the cherry tomatoes, we weren’t going to have them but i found some cute cocktail sticks and need to find a way of using them !IMG_2054 (1)

I hope that you have a great day, lots of love

Thea X


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