42 christmas gift idea’s.

Saaaaanta clause is coming to town! So christmas is getting closer and closer everyday (DUUUH).. If you are stuck for idea’s for gifts for friends and family, hopefully this post will help you a bit. I know that it is really hard to buy gifts for people, no matter how well you know them..

I’m going to start by saying, if you have absolutely no ideo of what somebody wants, just ask them! If they answer they could give you an idea of what they would like, and you know that they will love it. If the answer is “ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU” well give them you haha’. If not try a gift off of this list.


This is probably the easiest “type” of person to shop for because they are usually happy with just about anything that is for there age, and if you ask them what they would like, they will probably just tell you.

  • A disney movie.
  • A creative gift : as in something they can build, I always used to love these gifts, because i loved making things.
  • A big cuddly/soft toy.
  • Dolls, who doesn’t love dolls ?
  • Funny Board games! There are loads, and kids learn whilst playing, My favorite is “Doctor Maboul”
  •  Twister, never fails.
  • Outdoor adventure kits, compasses magnifying glasses etc..
  • (If you dislike your sister buy a drum kit for your nephew ! )



Teens are the hardest thing to shop for, after men.. Do not panick here is a list to help.

  • Itunes vouchers, actually any gift voucher is sure to please most teens.
  • Money, money, money.. Let’s be honest then at least they can buy themselfs what they want, when they know what the want.
  • Earphones, Headphones and/or blutooth speakers.
  • Perfume or cologne
  • If your budget is bigger Ipods, Phones, smartwatches and Tablets will be apprieciated.
  • A nice watch.

Now here are a few for girls and a few for boys


  • Shoes –> Just ask witch ones !
  • Candles (yankee’s are my all time favorite)
  • “Fancy makeup”, teens have a smaller budget when it comes to beauty products so treat them to something a little more fancy.
  • Blankets & home-wear.
  • Cute stationary never fails.

Boys :

  • Shoes –> Same here just ask them what they like.
  •   Underwear, because at least it’s useful!
  • Gaming stuff, Boys just love this stuff apparently..
  • A drone ? Maybe a go pro.
  • Something to do with a sport he loves.

Men :

Lets be honest is is hard to buy things for men.. here are a few ideas.

  • Socks! A new pair of socks is cool right
  • Something creative ? a beer brewing kit !
  • Gadgets !
  • “cool clothes”
  • A tile, seriously these are most useful thing invented.. ever !
  • Tools of some kind
  • Food : the way to a mans heart is through his belly!

Women :

Here are a few of idea’s for ladies.

  • Beauty products
  • A subscription to a magazine or monthly boxes
  • A nice purse or clutch
  • A chunky scarf
  • Jewelry
  • Digital photo frames add a personal touch
  • Chocolat ?
  • Books
  • Underwear
  • House ornaments and candles.

So there you have it a few “last minute” gift ideas ! I do hope that this was helpful, I am thinking of doing a few DIY christmas projects next week so check back in!

Take care

Thea xxx







3 thoughts on “42 christmas gift idea’s.

  1. Love this! Such a good idea to group presents together into different age groups or genders. Handy. It seems like a lot of people are doing ‘Christmas gift ideas’ or something similar, (including myself, aha.) Oh well.. But yours iS one of the best I’ve come across so far 🙂

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