Lyon !

Hi ! I hope that you are all ok. I am so excited about this post ! First of all it is finally december –> I am just so excited for every reason. Anyway there you go.

Today’s post is going to be about Lyon in France. It is the 3rd biggest city of France. It is a 2 hour drive away from my hometown.

Right so why did i go ? Giiiiiirls weekend! We stayed in a beautiful hotel, with a view onto the parc, and next to the contemporary art museum, only a few minutes drive into the center of Lyon.IMG_1243 (1)
My best friend and her family : ( and my family and myself went to see a ballet ! As little girls we all did ballet together so this was an awesome thing for us to do together ! And it was an incredible experience!

We went to see the nutcracker (because it’s nearly christmaaaaas) It is the story of how a magicien brings children’s toys to life. Ballet’s are amazing because you understand a whole story through music and dance.It was performed by the russian orchestra ballet.
We made the most of the show to visit Lyon, and staying for the weekend. So after a little bit of shopping in la place de la Bellecour. We went to an amazing restaurant that was a bit out of the way called “Le canut et les Cônes.

IMG_1317.jpg An amazing restaurant with a set menu that changes everyday! It was absolutely delicious.

Lyon is known for lots of things, it’s silk, it’s history, the beautiful architecture but also it’s beautiful park ” De la tête d’or” where there is botanical gardens, lots of kids attractions and even a free zoo ! So that’s where we headed before driving home, in time for sunday dinner.


The trip was rather short but very memorable ! Lyon is definitely a great place to go for cultural reasons in France. So there you have it : that is how the trip went.


P.s I am sorry that this post is late, I had a few issues on  my website. Have a great day.


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