Pray for Paris.

Although it isn’t Wednesday, the day I usually post, i think, things deserve to be said right now, about what is happening in France, more precisely in Paris.

November the 13th, 2015 is a date that will never be forgotten.. This terrorist attack, is the second this year in France, after the “Attentat du 7 janvier”. When the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, were targeted by terrorists. The next day, as we went to school, something was not right. Everybody was upset. As we sat down to two hours of french, our teacher, stood there in silence, and told us not to bother getting out our books, she wanted to talk to us about what happened, the awful event that had started off the years. She tried to explain it to use although, she herself said she couldn’t understand why or how this could happen.

The thing is.. awful things like this happen everyday, just, not in Europe, America and we only see these things happening through television, but we seem to forget that at this very moment, somewhere in this world some innocent person is being killed, for a reason unknown to most, but that is without a doubt not a valid one. This is sad, but when something happens in one of the countries where these wars are watched through a television, in the safety of our homes. But sadly  these attacks show us that these things can happen everywhere.

Now, what our amazing French teacher told us was, that the terrorist’s aim was to divide the country, because once they can get a united community to start turning against each other, they are weak. The terrorist’s aim to make us weak. Because that is when they can make the most damage. She told us that even though this is terrifying, we must not let them do that! In the case of the attack of Charlie Hebdo, they tried to take away our liberty of expression, and they did not. Because as the country was at it’s weakest, we made sure to stick together, to prove, that we are stronger than ever when we stay together. Now today, i am thinking deeply about this. Why do they want this ? Maybe because they are missing love, and want people to feel the same way… Who knows ? This is not how they will be happy but they are maybe just trying, t’s awful, and sad … “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate… only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King The most important thing is not to blame people, migrants, groups of people, religions… Because the only people to blame are the terrorist themselves. Nobody else, just them. Letting them know that we will not do this, that they can not divide our country is what we must do. Because together we are stronger, together there is hope! Not only are we praying for our countries, we are praying for humanity, the victims family, and close ones, we are acting, we are not giving in and that is what is important!

The amazing thing is, not only is France coming together, the whole world is becoming stronger. ” This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share” – President Obama People are sharing there home’s to help victims, with the hashtag #porteouverte. People are sticking together! They are not getting what they hoped for. When i checked my Facebook, earlier today, all i could see were the colours of the french flag 🇫🇷.  Wether it is people temporarily changing there profile pictures, or the people posting “pray for paris”. As the lights in Paris turned off, lights all over the world lit up. So now let’s not lose hope, let’s stay together, let’s pray for Paris, and act for Paris. Staying together will help us protect each other. I will definitely be wearing black this Monday, for the mourning of this awful event that we will never forget.

My thoughts are with those, who were victims, and there friends and family. With the people who are being blamed, even though it is not there fault, and those in Paris. It is hard not to be scared, but we must try our bests not to be so. I understand that this is terrifying.. My best friend was in Paris last night, and as soon as I heard, I rang him, absolutely terrified, for him, his family, for Paris. Because it’s scary, even though we should not let it get to us we must, and if it does we must share our fears and conquer them together! I can not tell you the amount of relief, i had when, he answered the phone and i heard his voice. So there you have it, my thoughts on this awful, tragic attack, please share yours with me, we must talk about these things, and stay together. Pease have a good evening and stay safe.

Lots of love. #PrayForParis 

” There is no path to peace, peace is the path” -Mahatma Gandhi.


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