Simple nail art

Hi ! Here is a simple nail art tutorial.

I always find that nail art is extremely hard to do on yourself, but this tutorial is rather simple! Unfortunatly I was not blessed, with amazing long and strong nails… so this is ideal for my nails. And I’m sure it would look just as great on long nails aswell so here we go! Before getting started i suggest that you get everything you need, along with a nice cup of tea & a magazine to entertain you whilst you nails are drying !

So here is what you will need :

  • Nail polish –> you going to want 2 colours
  • Also a base coat and top coat
  • A nail file, cuticle cutter, and oil, along with cuticle oil.
  • And some nail art tape or masking tape and scissors.


   Now you need to start by prepping your nail’s. I usually start by cutting or filing them, then i sort out my cuticle’s. Instead of using cuticle oil I use Bio-oil because it soaks in afterwards and I just like it better than any cuticle softener i have tried. Then wash and hydrate your hands, and apply your base coat.

So here is the only tricky part :

You’ll need to cut your tape into small triangles like this :


You are going to need 18, but always cut a few extra just in case.

Now let’s get started :

1. You are going to want to apply your first colour to all of your thumb, middle finger and pinky nail. Make sure it is perfectly dry before proceeding to the next step.

2. On your thumb nail, middle finger nail, and pinky place three of your pieces of tape like so :


3. Now paint over the nail, and paint. and leave it to dry! You MUST let it dry completely.

4. Now that it is dry remove to tape, if it is tricky you could use a pair of teasers to peel it of. Make sure to peel it from the tip of the nail down towards the cuticles.

5. Leave it to dry a little longer, because the edges may not be completely dry. Then finish off with a top coat.

6. Now all that’s left to do is paint the remaining nails, in the second colour !

                                                         * TA-DAH *


   Your nails are done and ready to impress ! I love this style because you can dress it up by using brighter colours that match your outfit, or simply use neutral colours, to make it a casual look, to wear everyday !

Thank you for reading, please share, comment and like if you enjoyed this post. I would also be delighted to answer any questions!


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