DIY mini cactus garden

So here is my first DIY !

I hope you like it 😉 I had a great time making and photographing it. If you do please comment and let me know what you think!

First of all my most recent obsession is mini-cacti and succulents  ! So this DIY is a twist on a cacti garden, it is quite small and minimalistic so it’s a cute addition to your desk, bedroom or apartment decoration. Not only are these little cacti’s so amazingly sweet but they are rumoured to have health benefit’s as well ! They are said to absorb radiation, although this theory doesn’t seem to be scientifically proved. They are green plants so they do absorb carbon dioxide and throw out oxygen so YAAAAAY!

Cacti’s are also very low maintenance plants that can survive a while without water if they are placed in the right spot which is very appealing to those forgetful plant owners.

So lets get started !

Step 1 

So this is what you will need :

  • A few mini-cacti’s and / or succulents 🌵
  •  A vase or jar. ⚠ The cacti must fit in it, and and be raised above it’s top (Like in my photo) As they need good air circulation to live healthily .
  • Enough soil to fill half of the jar or vase.
  • Some pretty pebbles or sand

Step 2

Right so now come’s the creative part! First of all make sure you have all that you need, and find an appropriate work space, to avoid it  getting messy! Outside is just fine if that is a possibility for you. Make sure that your vase is clean, because once the soil and pebbles are in you won’t be able to clean the inside anymore.

Step 3

Start by filling the first half of your jar, with pebbles or sand. You could match the colours to you living area’s colour scheme, or go minimalistic like i did.


Next you are going to want to add the soil you’re going to want fill it up until it meets the top, but remembering to leave enough space to plant your cacti’s ! this was  particularly messy so i suggest you move outside just for this part.

Step 4

Now you need to plant the cacti’s and succulents, it is very important that the green part is above the jar, so that they get a reasonable amour of air.

When you have planted them, give them a small amount of water, and then add sand or pebbles to created a cute look by covering over the soil.

And they you have it your own little cactus garden!



Ask your florist how to care for your cacti, and make sure to place it near a window or another natural light source. Also don’t forget to water them every now and then.


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