Who am I ?

First of all Hi !

I’m Thea, I’m 15 years old, I love writing, telling stories, sharing and listening! So here I am. Here with the soul purpose of expressing my thoughts, feelings & joy of life. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts! I love food, music, traveling, pretty things, people, & the great outdoors

Back in the year two thousand I was born (with my curly hair!) , in France! Both my parents being english I speak fluently but may make a few mistakes every now and again.. So I’ll try my best, please do correct me, if you please.

So on Miscitup you can expect to find just about anything, mostly what is going through my mind, or things to inspire you or I. As I am lucky enough to be at school, I shall try and post once a week, and I will try and set a day each week that I will post, when I have worked out how this bloggy stuff works!

This was short… I know! But short and sweet is the way I like things! So there you go, this is me πŸ™‚

So please, have a fantastic evening,

Thea X


22 thoughts on “Who am I ?

  1. Good to meet you Thea. My daughter is Theo, short for Theodora. She’s never been happy about the long version! It’s great to see you are writing a blog while still busy with school. Try and keep going it should really help develop your writing skills and it’s fun and good to be in touch with folk all over the world. Perdon jai’ oublie mon francais parce que J’aprends espanol maintenant.

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